The residential ultrasonic gas meter is a new all-electronic gas flowmeter. It measures the gas volume based on the difference of time that the ultrasonic wave takes to pass the medium.


    Viewshine U-GR2 as a smart ultrasonic gas meter equipped with diverse communication modules and an internal shutoff valve. Additionally, its compatibility with various power supply styles provides customers with flexible configuration options at economical principle. The meter's no-moving parts, full electronic measurement, and temperature compensation attributes ensure exceptional accuracy and stability throughout its entire service life.


    The Residential ultrasonic gas meter has technical advantages in measuring accuracy, temperature and pressure compensation accuracy, intelligent support, service life, and safety. It has become one of most welcomed gas meters.

    Viewshine combines the ultrasonic metering technology with the intelligent technology. Fully explore the high accuracy, sensitivity, and digitalization features of the ultrasonic metering technology for different flow measurement requirements of users. Providing gas companies with full series of intelligent metering products to achieve refined management and intelligent operation.