Viewshine get the certification of MID and OIML

2020-06-03 17:55

The series of residential ultrasonic water meter get the certification of MID and OIML, issued by NMI certin B.V. (Certificate No.: t11059, certification report No.: 1900855).

OIML (International Organization for legal metrology) is an international legal metrology organization. Since 1991, OIML has implemented the "certificate system of international legal metrology organization" for measuring instruments in member countries. Mid (Measuring Instruments Directive) is a European Union regulation for the supervision and management of measuring instruments, which has been implemented since October 30, 2006 to clarify the legal standards, conformity assessment procedures and effective implementation period of measuring instruments.

The successful Certification indicates that the product meets the requirements of international and European standards. Viewshine will take this opportunity to gradually develop the international and domestic ultrasonic water meter business.