U-WM-S is Viewshine's commercial ultrasonic water meter with cutting-edge technology. It solves problems that mechanical water meter encountered in the past. Without moving parts, U-WM-S gains accurate measurement and life-long precision.

U-WM-S is Viewshine’s commercial ultrasonic water meter with cutting-edge technology, which has three sizes: DN25, DN32, DN40. 32mm flow meter is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are built with robust materials and protective coatings, ensuring durability and longevity even in challenging outdoor or industrial settings. Unlike mechanical meters, U-WM-S has minimal pressure loss. This means that water flow is not impeded, maintaining consistent water pressure throughout the system and improving overall water distribution efficiency.


Main Features

1) R400, Wider Dynamic Range

2) U0/D0

3) Lowest Flow Rate: 4L/h

4) 12+ years’ Design Lifetime

5) Vertical / Horizontal Installation

6) LCD Display

7) IP68 Protection Rating


Product Functions

1) Metering feature: adopt ultrasonic technique, accurate measurement.

2) Data recording: accumulated volume, alarm/event logs, etc. Storage days are configurable.  

3) Local optical port: meter parameters and readings can be read by optical tool.