Viewshine gateway is a key nod of gas/water AMI system, which sends orders from master server to meters,executes Automatic-Meter-Reading, stores data of meter reading and events. It is compatible with different downlink communication such as: LoRaWAN or RF. Its uplink is GPRS, but 3G is optional.


The Viewshine Gateway is a key component of the water Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system, serving as an intermediary between the master server and the meters. It enables seamless communication by transmitting commands, executing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) operations, and storing meter reading data and events. It supports various downlink communication options like LoRaWAN or RF, and offers 4G or Wifi connectivity for the uplink.


  • Two-way communication

  • Key nod to support the fixed network system(AMI) deployment

  • Compatible with Viewshine smart gas/ water meter

  • Wireless Mbus/LoRa WAN


  • Stable link

  • Full time online


Temperature:-25~ 70℃

220V AC