Viewshine AMI solution provides various options of communication, smart meters and structures. Consisting of wireless Mbus/LoRaWAN/GPRS smart meters, concentrator and management software, Viewshine AMI solution is a high-efficient platform covering applications of residential, commercial and industrial for utilities to manage their gas&water distribution business.  


Features & Benefits


· Dashboards to deliver information in a format

· Ability to set unique alert conditions to define and monitor exceptions

· Customer service tools, including Customer App access to individual customer information

· Remote software updates

· Integration with your utility systems: billing, work order, inventory, customer relationship management


· Increased Visibility Through Analytics: Provides proactive intelligence for optimal utility management– leakage detection, reverse flow, revenue management and easier data collection for compliance reporting.

· Enhanced Customer Service: Advanced user profile and anomaly trending, combined with a consumer App allow customers to gain a greater understanding of consumption patterns to quickly resolve or prevent customer service related issues.

· Focus on Management: Built to minimize your deployment and system maintenance,we provide cloud platform,system maintenance and software support.

· Advanced Technology: Receive the cloud-based Vewishine AMI software suite with regular updates,Viewshine wireless smart meters, and long-term support and maintenance.



Utility Water/Gas Metering

Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI)

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Meter Data Management


Facility & Property Management 

Water/Gas Distribution