Viewshine Walk-by solution consists of Wireless smart meter(WMbus/LoRaWAN), HHU(Android OS),Converter and Management software. Android tablet or cellphone as HHU makes lower purchase&maintainance cost possible; hight performance wireless communcation technology realizes the meter reading in long distance and without penetration to consumer's property. This solution eliminates the typical human errors genertated by traditional meter reading way-pen and paper. Low cost, flexible deployment and extension for future upgrad to AMI solution,brings a efficient and economical way to utilities for managing their gas/water distribution business.

Features & Benefits



· Secure, cloud-based software platform – flexibility and confidentiality

· Available to integrates with utility billing and other systems

· Collected data synchronizes with Management Software remotely

· Meter reading App is  designed for Android tablet and smart phone



· Reduce labor cost increase efficiency and save time on normal meter reading.

· Allows meter readers to collect data from water meter without penetration to end consumer property.

· Obtain reading tasks/upload reading data via a telecom network from/to master server in field.



Utility Water/Gas Metering

Remote Meter Reading

Meter Data Management (MDM)


Facility & Property Management 

Water/Gas Distribution