NB-Lot & GPRS Remote Metering Solution

The solution airms to slove traditional intelligent gas meter reading issures arising from the installation location,residential environment , and apartment structure, The powerfull GPRS network/NB base station ensures reliable data transmission between the intelligent gas meter and the IT system of the gas companny and there by implementing intelligent management on the meter ennd annd rapid reading of the gas meter, effectively reducing the operation and management costs for gas enterprises

Solution Principle

Combine basic gas meter functions with loT commuunication technology to achieve realtime online feature,automatic management, automatic meter reading and remote control of gas meters

Realizing centralized management of gas data for gas companies, The products covers a full series for residntial, commercial and industrialusage

Main Functions


GPRS Technology Features


GPRS Application / Network Architecture


NB-loT Technology Features


NB-loT Application / Network Architecture